Welcome to Grant Park B.B.Q. Restaurant.

The purpose of this website is to introduce our customers and potential customers to the wonderful Bar-B-Que cuisine of kitchen sink films.

You can eat at our restaurant, or we also deliver our food directly to you and cater parties, church and charity events.

We can even do company picnics and barbecuing on site! If you come to our restaurant, you will be able to smell the wonderful barbecue smoke and our world famous barbecue sauce as you get closer to where we barbecue beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, turkey wings, brisket, pork roast, beef links and our other wonderful food.

You can find out more about our food processing appliances used to prepare BBQ dishes at the article: Top 10 Best Air Fryer Toaster oven Consumer Reports 2021. These are the devices that are trusted by chefs, and we are also using them for the cooking job at Grant Park B.B.Q. Restaurant.

We also have great specialty items such as greens, black-eyed peas, candied yams, Mama’s special pickled cole slaw ( similar to cha cha ), our piggly wiggly sandwich (similar to pulled pork sandwich), sweet potato pie, homemade cakes and peach cobbler.

We also sell our barbecue sauce for home use and to restaurants. We are located in Oakland, California on 1998 San Pablo Avenue (near the Greyhound Bus Station and two blocks from the 19th Street Broadway Bart Station when you exit from the 20th Street Exit (see Location page)).

We have included our menu and pictures of our food. We have also included information on our employees and some of the wonderful reviews we have received over the years while barbecuing here in Oakland.

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We are planning to enable our customers to order our famous Chef Edwards Barb-B-Que Sauce over the Web.

You can now order it over our phone or fax ( 510-834-9516). We sell to individuals and to other restaurants.

Call us for details. Watch for updates on this as well as special coupons for savings that will be featured on this page.